Inset Frames

Most of the non-panoramic prints are produced at one of two sizes: 40x50cm or 50x70cm, but can go bigger (in the region of 60cm by 90cm)

The panoramic prints are wide format and are usually produced at sizes of up to 100x40cm, but can go much bigger (El Cap at 50"x20" is the biggest to date).

Stage 1 Printing

Prints are made on an Epson 7800 that uses archive quality K3 inks and images are usually printed onto Epson Premium Photo Glossy Paper, Espon Matte Paper or Canvas

Stage 2 Laminating, Laquering & Mountboard

Most Glossy & Matte Paper Prints are laminated (flexible laminate, not the hard laminate) with either:

  • High Gloss
  • Satin Matt
  • Emery (very classy, great for the wall, but depends on image)

The lamination looks great and does away with the need for glass in frames.

Canvas prints are laquered and this also removes the requirement for glass.

The prints are then mounted onto cored white mountboard for framing.

Stage 3 Framing

One of three things is usually done framing wise:

  1. Off the shelf IKEA RIBBA frame (silver, black or wood, without glass). This framing keeps cost down.
  2. Off the shelf Inset Frame (but sizes not ideal for most of the prints, except square ones).
  3. Bespoke Inset Frame made to measure.

Example Inset Frames pictured right. These look great in black.

Panoramic & canvas shots usually end up in a bespoke Inset Frame, but an IKEA 88x30cm RIBBA frame often works well.

Price varies according to print size and framing option: please get in touch for a price.

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